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Micron xtracts 8kit set
Micron Xtracts 5 gallon 8 Bag Kit
25 micron bag
220 micron bag
70 micron bag
180 micron bag
90 micron bag
120 micron bag
150 micron bag
40 micron bag
Micron Xtracts 5 gallon 8 Bag Kit

Micron Xtracts 5 gallon 8 Bag Kit

Micron Xtracts
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Micron Xtracts Bags are industrial grade extraction bags, made of heavy duty water proof Nylon. Each bag comes with an adjustable drawstring and chord lock for a perfect secure fit. All bags are labeled with it’s corresponding accurate micron size. 

Each bag is made of supreme quality mono-filament mesh cut by hand with fine blades to ensure mesh quality and integrity. 

To learn more about the quality that goes into our products please visit our Quality Standards page. 

Micron Xtracts Systems is Proudly made in the USA 


Kit includes: 

1- 25 micron bag

1-40 micron bag

1-70 micron bag  *food grade mesh*

1-90 micron bag *food grade mesh*

1-120 micron bag *food grade mesh*

1-150 micron bag *food grade mesh*

1-180 micron bag *food grade mesh*

1-220 micron bag *food grade mesh*

1-25 micron 11”x11”  Pressing Screen 

1-water proof storage bag with drawstring 

Lifetime Manufacture Warranty